Series 1

Episode 11 – Síle Seoige

On Episode 11, the penultimate episode of Series 1, we have the stunningly soulful Síle Seoige, who I have officially named the ‘Galaxy bar of voice’ – smooth and full of depth. We chat about Síle’s extensive media experience over the past 20 years, from RTÉ and radio to some really heartfelt topics. Síle opens up about her journey with cancer and recovery, a marriage breakdown, miscarriage and motherhood. We talk about acceptance, non judgement, finding your true self, how negativity can be the catalyst for change, femininity and breathwork. I hope you enjoy what I found to be a truly therapeutic conversation.

Episode 10 – Jennifer Rock

On Episode 10 we have the fabulous Jennifer Rock, also known as The Skin Nerd on Instagram. I’ve known Jennifer since she first started her journey in this industry, and it’s truly remarkable to watch her business grow over the past few years. Jen is now a best selling author and creator of the Cleanse Off Mitt, and increasingly popular Skingredients skincare line. From TV to consultations, she is the ultimate queen of skin in Ireland, so I hope you take some nuggets of information from the show. We chat growing a business from the kitchen table to a company of 16, dealing with grief, managing a team and lots of your frequently asked skincare questions from adult acne to anti ageing.

Episode 9 – Catherine Carton

On Episode 9 we have the incredibly creative Catherine Carton, also known as Dainty Dress Diaries on Instagram. I’ve followed Catherine for years; not only for her DIY skills, but also her humour and bubbly personality. Catherine works full-time, but her successful side hustle is interiors, content creation and Youtube. Over the next hour or so we chat about finding flow, traveling solo, the positives about being single in your 30’s and removing societal pressure. We also touch on dating apps and Tinder terrors, so grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy!

Episode 8 – Pat Divilly

On Episode 8 we have one of Ireland’s leading public speakers Pat Divilly. Pat is also an author and high performance coach, who is passionate about helping people reach new levels of purpose, passion and fulfilment through movement and mindset. Pat regularly speaks at his own one day workshops and three day retreats, as well as providing trainings in leadership, self awareness and wellness for some of Ireland’s leading corporations. I think this conversation will really benefit those of you struggling with self doubt or if you’re looking to upgrade your career, or personal life. We discuss dealing with failure and insecurities, letting go of what others think about you and learning how to deal with, and benefit from constructive critique.

Episode 7 – Caroline McMenamin

On Episode 7 we have mental health activist Caroline McMenamin, also known as The Red Dutchess on social media. Caroline has a degree in counselling and drama, a post grad in CBT and over 15 years of voluntary work and training. Caroline is also the founder of Replenish, a non-clinical mental health organisation aimed at educating, empowering and equipping individuals with the resources and support needed to manage their mental health. Caroline takes us on a journey from her OCD diagnosis to CBT training, and we cover mental health topics including anxiety, trauma, PTSD, relationship abuse and removing the stigma around seeking help or getting therapy. Caroline has a wonderful way with words, an incredibly insightful approach to dealing with clients and is truly passionate about helping people get better.

Episode 6 – Trisha Lewis

In Episode 6 we have the terrific Trisha Lewis, also known as Trisha’s Transformation on Instagram. Trisha takes us on her journey from being morbidly obese and in the depths of depression, to learning to love herself enough to change her life forever. This uplifting and inspiring episode explains how someone fighting an incredibly difficult internal battle, can master that reset button, start again, and ‘beat the bulge’ for good. This woman went from avoiding photos completely to filming workouts for the nation to see. Over the next hour we discuss how to remove the bully that lives in your brain, making weight loss a positive, enjoyable process, dealing with gym fear and handling plateaus in weight loss. This is a woman who went from lashing out at the ones she loved and physically feeling like she was going to die, to waking up every morning, tying those shoelaces and getting shit done. Her basic, yet powerful daily mantra ‘do you want to be fat or fit, happy or sad, healthy or dying will help so many embarking on their journey.

Episode 5 – Laura Crane

In Episode 5 we have the ultra cool Laura Crane. I love how chilled this episode is; we had this conversation sat in loungewear, jet lagged after a long, but super fun day. We’re both extremely comfortable and relaxed, and yet touch on some heavy heartfelt subjects. Laura has a really interesting and unique story. You may know her from Love Island, but she’s been a pro surfer and model for big companies like Billabong from a very young age. This episode delves into the world of being an athlete in a male dominated industry, traveling around the world without your parents from such a young age, the pros and cons of a competitive streak, proving people wrong, and dealing with negative thoughts. We also cover Laura’s journey battling and recovering from bulimia, social anxiety, being your best self, and the reality behind reality TV.

Episode 4 – Sinead O’Brien

In Episode 4 we have the beautiful and bubbly Sinead O’Brien, also known as Sinead Curvy Style. Sinead is one of those women who just makes you feel good; her uplifting spirit and happy, positive outlook on life is infectious. She’s super comfortable in her own gorgeous skin and I think so many of you will benefit from this one. Sinead discusses curvy modelling and how, if the jeans don’t fit you simply need to buy bigger jeans. This episode will make you want to pack your bag full of confidence if you’re going on holidays, and learn to love the skin you’re in. We had so much banter, we had belly laughs, and we also delve into you dating questions. From what it’s like to date an influencer to how to know if he’s the one, dealing with cheating, strip clubs, how to not panic if you’re single in your 30s, getting back with an ex, facing fear head on, marriage and more.

Episode 3 – Sabrina Hill

In Episode 3 we have the wonderful Sabrina Hill, founder of Kopper Hair Salon in Cork and New Hair Revolution, Co Founder of Business Of Hair, and Creative Colourist for Joico Europe. After opening up about my own hairloss experience online, I really wanted to delve deeper on the subject, answer your frequently asked questions with a professional, and shed some light on an area that isn’t spoken about as often as I would like. In this episode we cover the importance of good hairdressing, avoiding drama online, how CBT can benefit your business, how Sabrinas’s own mental health manifests, being an influencer, my hairloss journey, and a no bullshit holistic approach to handling it.

Episode 2 – Brian Keane

In Episode 2 we chat to the ever inspiring Brian Keane, King of podcasting in Ireland, best selling author, public speaker, mindset coach and father. Brian discusses how to utilise peak productivity and offers incredible insight into improving your mindset motivation. We also discuss the impact social media and vanity can have on your mental health, and how body image and dysmorphia affects men and women. Ever struggled with handling an ‘all or nothing approach’ when embarking on a fitness journey? From weight fluctuations to gaining the relationship stone, this is such a powerful episode, and I promise you’ll walk away feeling pumped.

Episode 1 – Joanne Larby

In Episode 1, host of the show Joanne Larby takes you on a journey from childhood memories to present day position. Covering a combination of vulnerable experiences, she hopes to shed light on some really topical areas. Joanne explains what led her to start this podcast, and hopes that by opening up herself, it will help listeners understand her stance in future interviews with upcoming guests. From recovering after a relationship to finding love again, receiving online negativity and her ongoing battle with body image, no page is left unturned.